Medical Weight Loss

OLO Weight Loss

At OLOMD, our weight loss packages go far beyond just prescribing
medications. Our protocols include nutritional guidance, laboratory
diagnostics, lifestyle management as well as medical support. We ensure that we partner with you in every way we can help to you achieve sustainable weight loss and wellness goals.


Quality of life improvement

The most significant improvements in weight-related quality of life were observed in the areas of physical function and self-esteem. Participants also reported improved sexual activity and work engagement along with less public distress.


Our research-supported approach to weight management
helps participants develop a healthier relationship with food and adopt healthy behaviors that stay with them for a lifetime.

Initial assessment

We conduct initial health assessments so that we can
personally curate your individually appropriate lifestyle change, identify any conditions that may need regular monitoring or other accommodation, and facilitate medical specialist referrals if needed.

Nutritional and meal planning

Our nutrition plans are developed on an individualized basis, taking into consideration both the physical and psychological dynamics that you personally deal with in managing your day to day relationship with food.


•  83% of adults lose 5% or more weight, compared to 31% taking placebo
•  66% of adults lose 10% or more weight, compared to 12% taking placebo
•  48% of adults lose 15% or more weight, compared to 5% taking placebo
•  30% of people lose 20% or more weight, compared to 2% of people taking placebo, in a supportive measure.

About one in three people lose over 46 pounds!!

The process

1) Submit your information below.
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3) Conduct an initial remote assessment
4) Fill out our online intake form
5) Perform a very brief online or zoom consultation with one of our
6) Begin losing weight! We will ship the medications directly to your